Kids DIY Lego Table

How to build your kids their own Lego Table with ready cut wood.


So the kids and I needed a Lego table in order for me to vacuum without worrying if I needed to open the vacuum cleaner to find some accidentally sucked up, has to be that specific part, Lego piece.

Things you will need

Some of the things you will need.

4 x plastic containers to attach under the table.
4 x legs
1 x table top in MDF or solid wood
4 x Lego base sets
black paint, red paint.
panel pins
craft paint roller
large plastic container for the centre
Cost average R600.00


Measure where everything need to go. I donned my husbands biker jacket and helmet and dangerously used a grinder to cut out the centre. I don’t recommend this. This is the only part I had to cut myself, the rest was all purchased in standard sizes. The legs was 1 large piece of lumber which your local hardware will cut to 4 equal parts. At this point its a good idea to keep your kids height and the chairs they will be sitting on in mind.


Paint top and legs. Attach legs using a combination of cold glue and nails. Drop the large plastic container in the centre. Attach the four plastic containers with 4 L shaped pieces of wood under the table. I used wood I guess they make crates from.


Completed table. Ok, so  I’m not very good at taking pictures and adding instructions yet. Next time will be better. Hours of quiet play and using their imagination.


Duplo and Lego Chima Figurines in a container under the table. Extra storage under the table, 2 plastice containers on both sides – tools, wheels and chassis, weapons, and men. The only thing I still need to add is wheels under the legs to move it around the house easily, we just carry it now to wherever the kids want it.


Some of the things rebuilt since the completion of the Lego table.

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