Dado Rail DIY Digital Picture Frame Makeover

How to reuse a dado rail and re-purpose it for your digital picture frame.


You will need:

Digital Picture frame
Mitre Box
Dado rail or moulding or even a large enough picture frame cut to size.
Off white paint
Dark paint (as a undercoat before distressing and for dry brushing after)
Scourer for distressing
Paint brush
Something to stick the wood frame to the digital picture frame
Staple Gun
Cold Glue


We all have them, those not so nice to look at digital picture frames. I love catching a glimpse of pictures of my family on my way to another room but not in its current presentation. I’ve used a dado rail I had around a massive mirror above my vanity in my bedroom to make it a bit more bearable to look at. The mirror I got rid of but kept the dado rail to reuse some day.


I measured and cut to size. I’m not great at mitering considering I used a hand saw and some elbow grease so any unsightly spaces will be filled with wood filler at a later stage. I glued all 4 part together using cold glue and a staple gun for added stability. Let it dry overnight.


The hard part is how to attach it flush to the digital frame without damaging the surface and I discovered the remote also doesn’t work with the wooden frame in front unless I get real close and hold the remote at some odd angle. Its more than worth it though. Some double sided tape holding it all together until I find a suitable solution.


All it needs is a fresh lick of paint as a finishing touch. I’m undecided on what colour to paint it so for now it sort of looks like distressed paint effect when in fact its just my messy painting left over from painting my bedroom wall.


Midway through the distressing process after 3 – 4 coats of off white paint. I used a damp pot scourer for the distressing part.


Depending on how distressed you want it to look. Its a fine line between too little and too much.


I used clear box tape to stick the dado rail frame to the picture frame.

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