Indoor Dining Room Table Makeover for Outdoor use

How to refinish an indoor dining room table for outdoor use. (A work in progress)


Things you will need:

For the table
Palm Sander
Sandpaper in various grits.
Wood Stain
Wood Sealer

For the chairs
3 meters of fabric per chair
I will be sewing slip covers in either cream or a florally cherry red for all the chairs so no sanding or staining will be done

Day 1: The table and chairs my husband bought in his bachelor days and although we’ve been together 21 years I had no part in the purchase of this table. Beechwood was very much en vogue then, the same as dark wood furniture now, but I still don’t think I would’ve chosen this style or wood.


Day 3: We have been using the table in the garage as a work table so it has a few dings and the varnish have pealed off on some places. It’s already 1/4 sanded here and I tested the stain on 1 corner.

Day 10: I used a palm sander with 80 grit sand paper, followed by 400 – 600 grit and finished with 800 grit damp sanding block.

Day11: I once again applied 4-5 coats Genkem Novadye Antique Oak. 2 Coats will result in a much lighter finish and the wood grain will be more visible as well. Finish with 2 coats wood sealant Sand lightly between each coat.

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