T-Shirt Pillow Case

How to upcycle an old t-shirt.


Things you will need:

A T-shirt your kids have outgrown
Old scatter cushion
Sewing Machine


My boys, like their dad, love fast cars and motorbikes. That made it so much easier to find t-shirts with bikes and cars on them.


First make sure your cushion fits the t-shirt by pulling it over the cushion.  You will also get a feel for how you want the design centered on it. Judge which parts can be cut away and which parts are crucial to the final piece. Once you’re happy and know where to cut, turn it inside out and pin down 3 sides leaving the bottom open


Cut the sleeves away after pinning down the sides.


Sew down all 3 sides and cut the extra fabric away leaving a 1cm seam. Turn inside out and, pull over the cushion and sew the remaining seam by hand.



As easy as that. I bought nothing new, the materials you need is all things you have in your home already. My next post is how I made the denim bolster pillows that’s on the sides of the “new sofa bed”.


On second thought the heading of this blog post should be “How to Turn a Bed into a Sofabed”  as the opposite side of the bed has the TV Game and PC and it makes it so much easier for them to sit back and relax. The sofabed is not done yet as I have a lot more pillows and cushions to add.

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