Denim Bolster Pillow

How to make a Denim Bolster Pillow


This bolster pillow is guaranteed to never become lumpy. Its sag resistant as well and if used correctly, to support your neck and back, it will bounce back into shape after use.

You will need:

2 pieces of foam
1/2 meter denim fabric
Old lumpy pillow
Sewing machine


The foam I had comes from my childrens baby crib. Our dog chewed a small chunk off the mattress on one side so I was not able to use it. I removed the waterproof cover and cut the part the dog chewed on away. I then cut what was left of the foam mattress into 2 equal parts. Make sure your fabric covers your foam with a 1cm seam to spare on both sides.


Fold the foam over so the sides meet in the center.


Sew the 2 edges together by hand using a double strand of cotton. You can also glue it  together, it will be a stronger bond compared to the cotton. At this point it wont be rounded. This is what the old lumpy pillow will be for.


Remove the lumpy insides of the pillow and stuff half of it into the centre of the foam. Try and separate the bigger lumps but it wont really matter as it will be completely encased in the foam. Keep the other half for the other bolster pillow if you are making 2. The pillow should now take shape and be more rounded. Put this aside and grab your fabric for the cover.


Once you have the pillow sufficiently round you can measure the circumference of the circles you need for the sides. I just got various side plates and plastic lids out and, holding it up against the side of the pillow, selected the one that fit best. Now trace the lid or plate you’ve selected onto your fabric using dressmakers chalk or even a pencil if the fabric is light enough.


Check that your fabric fits around the now finished inner of your pillow. Sew down the sides leaving a 20cm gap, this will be the gap you will feed the pillow inner through once turned inside out.


Pin the round circles to the sides, sew the seam and turn inside out. Pull the pillow case over the inner through the 20cm gap you left open. I added a zip to 1 pillow and velcro to the other to see which ones will be suitable in order to remove the pillow case if it ever needed a wash. I removed both and just sewed the open seam by hand. Since I had all the things in my home already the only things I had to buy for the 2 pillows was 1/2 meter denim fabric which cost me R20.00 as it was R40.00 per meter. Don’t be shy to ask for 3/4 meter fabric instead of 1 meter if that’s all you need for a project. Otherwise you will need to dream up a project to get rid of the fabric scraps you have lying around.


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