Faux Shaker Style Built in Cupboard Makeover

How to give your built in cupboards a makeover.

shaker style cabinets


You will need:

Pine or Meranti cover strips
Panel pins
Cold glue
Mitre box
Universal undercoat
White paint
White wood filler
Paint brush or roller
Door knobs if you are replacing your old ones
Cost average R300.00

Most of us have those ugly builders grade built in cupboards because you cannot sell a house unless you have them installed. I would love to rip out all our built in cupboards and replace them with beautiful French armoires but we are not staying in this house forever so the next best thing I love is Shaker style cabinets.


This is the before picture. I didn’t remove the doors because quite frankly I was lazy.


Measure the length of each door separately and cut the cover strips to size. I mitred the corners of the first door but it didn’t have the Shaker feel to it so I cut the ends straight.


Cold glue and nail each strip to the door it was measured and sand all the cover strips.

Paint the cover strips and doors with universal undercoat and when dry follow with appropriate topcoat. In my research for painting over formica I came across lots of suggestions to roughen up the surface before painting. I didn’t do that but only time will tell if the paint will hold up to daily use.

I removed the old plastic builders grade handles and replaced them with bronze door knobs to complete the shaker style look. Fill any holes left by the previous handles with white wood filler.


The comparison in this picture between the top and bottom cupboards is chalk and cheese. The top cabinet doors I had to remove as heights in my condition isn’t considered a good idea. It did make it easier for painting though.


The completed cupboards.


5 thoughts on “Faux Shaker Style Built in Cupboard Makeover

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