Nursery Plush Curtain Tie Backs

How to make your own tiebacks with plush toys.

plush nursery tiebacks


You will need:

Your existing tie backs
Plush toys x 2 ( Create visual interest by using 2 different ones)
Upholstery Needle
Cost average: R120.00


These were my first attempt at tiebacks for the nursery. It didn’t look very nursery and my Winnie the Pooh tiebacks I had in both my sons nursery 8 years ago was looking a bit dated.


winnie the pooh tie backs

They were initially wall decorations given to me as part of my Baby Shower for my oldest son which I thought would look cuter as tiebacks.



So I decided to remove the Pooh and Piglet plaques, which I attached with glue, and replace it with plush.



I used thread to attach the toys to the tiebacks as glue would be too permanent if I needed to change it again when my youngest son is much older. You would need to make sure the arms of the toy is long enough to cover the front of the tiebacks. Leave the hole closest to the edge open as you would need it to attach to the wall.



Once both arms are attached you can sew the chest part of the toy to the tieback as well.


baby room plush tie backs

My cute little custom tiebacks. Pretty simple if you’re a newbie.

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