Storage Crate Footrest/Ottoman

How to make your own storage crate/ottoman

storage crate ottoman

You will need:

Upholstery Fabric
Extra Fabric (for a smoother finished product)
Staple Gun
Hinges (optional)
pine or laminated board

Cost average: I spent R150.00 as I had all the the other supplies.


These were the storage crates I once again received as hand me downs.


I tried various layouts for them but nothing seemed right. As soon as I got my rocking chair I decided to make a footrest/toybox out of one of them.


Measure the width and length of the crate and have your board or wood of choice cut to size. For my fabric I found 2 scatter cushion covers, one for the rocking chair and one to cover the lid for the footrest with. Luckily the scatter cushion cover was just big enough to cover the board, I would of cried if it wasn’t big enough since I just love the print on it.


I had some leftover pieces of foam from my headboard project which came in handy here.


You should have 5 layers in this order – board, foam, batting, extra fabric, upholstery fabric.


Staple the extra piece of fabric into place over the foam and batting.


Staple the upholstery fabric into place. I left the back of the scatter cushion cover in place while stapling because as you can see it was just wide enough to cover the edge that would be visible.


I left the back in place just in case I need to remove it for cleaning at a later stage. With 3 under 10 boys around its probably likely to get dirty quickly. I know its not perfect but no one will be looking under the lid.



This is my footstool when in use with a little black hand towel to keep it clean for as long as possible.



I’m leaving it as a loose lid for now and not adding hinges at this stage as I don’t want little fingers caught in it if the lid snaps closed.



That’s it!!  A cute little co-ordinated toybox/ottoman for my nursery.


5 thoughts on “Storage Crate Footrest/Ottoman

  1. What a great idea & great job on the step by step instructions and photos. I’m terrible at taking project shots of my own pieces, I get so involved they I forget. I’m definitely going to try this project. Thanks for the tips.
    Id love feedback on my projects and blog, I’ve only just started so I’m still learning but it’s been so therapeutic.

    • Hi, thank you, it’s good to know I’m not the only only who forgets to take pictures, especially when inspiration suddenly hits and you just have to do that project RIGHT NOW. I will certainly check your blog out. I’m glad my post was of help to you.

  2. Love it. I have a serious crate obsession and a project just like this has been on my list for a while.

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