Bookshelf Makeover

How to update a basic bookshelf


You will need:

Cover strips
Panel pins
Cold glue
Dado rail or moulding

So my kids have been complaining that I spend an awful amount of time decorating the nursery. So I had look through their room to see what I can do without breaking the bank.


This little bookshelf has been bugging me for a while now in all its ugliness. So I decided to add some panelling like I did  with the faux shaker style cabinets.



For the base cut some thicker pieces of wood, mitre after measuring.



Measure and mitre the smaller  cover strips to size as well.



Nail and cold glue the sides of the bookshelf as well.



With all the panels in place your bookshelf should like this.



Measure, mitre, nail and glue the dado rail to the top.



Paint the whole piece in the colour of your choice.



Completed bookshelf, missing another coat of paint or two. It looked so pretty in a corner of our lounge and I thought the kids would let me have it. Guess who won?



Its back in their room with all their Lego that doesn’t fit on their Lego table on it.


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