Convert a Chest of Drawers to a Counter Top Bathroom Vanity (A work in progress)


We had some water damage in our main bathroom, a little mini flood that went all into our main bedroom, the passage and a little over the thresholds in the kids bedrooms where we have laminated flooring. The water made our bathroom cabinet swell to twice it’s size and it created the perfect opportunity for me to replace it with a solid wood chest of drawers vanity which I’ve always wanted in both our bathrooms. The cabinets in both our bathrooms were made of compressed board. Its really odd that c**p like that would be installed in a high moisture area.

You will need. (Does not include anything needed for plumbing)

Chest of Drawers or suitable cupboard
Counter Top Basin
Wood Glue
Panel pins
Basin trap
Chalk Paint
Marine Sealer
Counter top
Wood Stain
New handles or knobs
wood off cuts
Cover strips
Mitre Box
Furniture molding or trim


I found this little chest of drawers on our local listings. It’s the only one that came even close to roughly the size I needed. Everything else was hugely over sized and I would’ve loved something a bit more elegant but the size I needed really dictated what I could get.


New basin and chest of drawers installed. Get a professional to do this part as that is beyond the scope of this blog post.The counter top was too small so we added a new top and built it up a bit to cover the cavity in the tiles the previous cupboard left.The built up part will be covered with decorative molding. Old handles removed.


You do not need to lose the whole top draw to accommodate the plumbing.


Add the molding first before painting. If you’re adding cover strips, do it before painting. Use a combination of wood glue and panel pins.


Add about 2 – 4 coats of paint. Recess the panel pin heads and fill with wood filler for a smooth finish. Because of the cover strips the back of the drawers would have to be shortened for it to be flush with the cupboard.

Next……installing the under counter trim and door knobs…..

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