French Bed Restoration- How to restore Wooden Furniture

French Bed DIY Restoration


I’m currently working on 7 projects at the moment (French Bed Makeover, Counter Top Bathroom Vanity, Coffee Table Remodel, Two Tone Oak Outside Bar , Oak Coffee Table Makeover, Painted Piano, Shaker Bookcase update) . Today I will  start again with my best project but they are all a work in progress. I have an obsession with French Provencal, French Country and Farm House decor with a little bit of Shabby Chic thrown in as well so when I saw this bed in my moms house I literally begged it off her. Luckily my mom is a nice lady who loves to see her kids happy so I didn’t have to do too much begging and lucky for me she couldn’t see the potential of how this bed might turn out with a fresh lick of paint.

You will need
Chalk Paint
Wood filler
Small pieces of wood of various sizes
Finishing Wax
Sandpaper – various grits including a finishing grit
Fabric half a meter depending on the size of your headboard
Staple gun and staples
Nail Lacquer
Fabric covered buttons if you are tufting again.


So this is the before picture pre dog attack.

IMG_0874 - CopyIMG_0875 - Copy

IMG_0873 - CopyIMG_0894 - Copy
I sanded the whole bed,just enough for the paint to adhere. The whole bed had some biggish chunks missing from it where my moms dog got hold of it. The dog chewed huge pieces of the tufted headboard away too, it was really ready for the junkyard.

IMG_0885 - Copy IMG_0884 - Copy IMG_0883 - Copy IMG_0882 - Copy

Where the missing chunks was I filled it in with pieces of wood that roughly fit the missing sections and then sanded it by hand and filled with wood filler for a neat fit.

IMG_0880 - Copy

The smaller dents I filled with white nail varnish  to at least 0.5mm above the surface and sanded it down evenly once dry. The chalk paint will also fill up many of the smaller chips and dents.

IMG_0892 - Copy

After 4 coats of chalk paint its already  starting to look like the beauty its supposed to be.

IMG_0934 IMG_0933 IMG-20151101-00753 IMG_0942

I  really had a hard time diamond tufting the headboard again so after 2 attempts and several days I just gave up and covered it with fabric.


This way I can change the fabric to something different as often as I like and since its not scotch guarded I think that will be at least every 2 months. Since the headboard is the focal point of the bed too many mistakes would stick out like a sore thumb.

My “new” bed, painted, sanded and waxed. Add a sealer if you have young children. There’s still a lot I need to get to turn our bedroom into a French boudoir but with the addition of this bed it feels like I am halfway there.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.




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