Oak Coffee Table Makeover


How to update a coffee table.

You will need:

Coffee table
Chalk paint
Sand Paper
Finishing Sander
Finishing Wax


I picked up this solid oak coffee table for R500.00. The turned legs was the reason I bought it as I have been looking for while for a turned leg coffee table for our lounge. If you’re using chalk paint you don’t need to sand. You also do not need to use primer.


Apply 2 -3  layers of chalk paint. I have been given advice to sand before waxing and that was very good advice. The wax will clog up your sanding paper in 30 seconds if you sand with the wax on.


If you are using chalk paint you will have what looks like water marks like on the edge of my table coming through sometimes after applying the wax. I don’t know why they are there or how to get rid of them so I’m so over chalk paint. You can get the same results with Velvaglo or a can of Duco Spray paint. All the sanding you save before painting you will surely make up for when it comes to waxing which is a thankless job if this is the results you will be getting.



Do not distress before waxing if you’re sticking with chalk paint, waxing will naturally do that unless you want the finished piece to look like its been through a war zone. On the positive side of chalk paint if you’re looking to distress and age then chalk paint would be your paint of choice. For a smooth pristine finish there is better options than chalk paint but there is no reason why you could not distress with any other paint.



Apply a sealer if you have little ones.


Tip: Burn the tip of the wick on your decorative candles too make it look like you are actually using them.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.









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