Custom Lego Minecraft

custom lego minecraft

You will need:
The Cave
The First Night
The Farm
We used the bases or platforms that you don’t see from the above Minecraft sets and extra pieces in Lego Minecraft colors like brown, green, blue, sand, grey, dark grey, black and orange.


My children and I are huge Minecraft and Lego fans so when we are not playing Lego, we play Minecraft on our tablets or pc’s together. The Lego Minecraft available in SA is very limited so we have to improvise. Below is some of our creations. All the Lego Minecraft sets we have were meant to be built on bases raised off the ground so we used all those pieces from the undersides for our own creations. 


Village House



Water Well


crops and farming

Crops and Farming


lego minecraft cave



Cave with lapis lazuli,  iron ore,  coal, redstone, diamond, gold and emerald, and a waterfall with obsidian.

I hope you’ve found some ideas for your own custom Lego Minecraft creations. Please post them in the comments,  we would love to build it too. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.





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