Stained and Painted Two Tone Oak Outdoor Bar


You will need:

Wood stain
Sanding paper
Linseed Oil
Universal undercoat
White Paint for exterior surfaces
Wheels (optional) keeps the bar raised slightly off the ground to avoid damp.

My husband bought this solid oak indoor bar a couple of years ago to furnish his man cave that he was planning on eventually building someday. It’s about 2 years later and I still don’t see a man cave but the bar has taken up permanent residence where my dining room table used to be. It came with a cabinet for the crystalware, 9 bar chairs and an extra liquor cabinet for an extremely reasonable price.


I really didn’t have time to take before pictures because he just started painting it one day. I guess the horrible colour was bugging him as much as it bugged me.


1. Sand the whole bar and chairs. Sand until the layer of varnish is removed or until the original colour appears. Make sure it’s solid wood and not a veneer when you sand through the stain or varnish. I’m not really sure how to check for this……

2. Apply stain color of choice to the countertop and chairs. About 4 coats should suffice. Remember to wrap the seat part in cling film and a plastic bag if you’re lazy like me and don’t want to remove the upholstery.

3. Paint the bottom of the bar with universal undercoat and then with paint color of choice.

4. Once you’ve achieved the colour you want let it dry thoroughly for a day or so and apply thin layers of Linseed Oil over several days according to the manufacturers instructions on the container. Attach the wheels according to manufacturers instructions. We had to add extra pieces of wood where the wheels go for it to be raised off the ground. We attached 6 wheels, 2 of them with a braking system on. When it rains the wheels makes it easier for me to to roll the bar back further undercover. Before it had wheels I had to wait for my husband to help me move it back.


The grain in the wood with a darker stain is so much more pleasant to the eye.


Thank you for taking the time to read my post.




Man Cave
Definition: A place where men can “smoke or fart” and tell the same jokes over and over again without fear of reprisal.
Opposite: Girl Cave
Definition: The rest of the house.


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