Gimp Tutorial – Vintage Clock Face


In this tutorial I’m doing a quick How To in under half hour for a vintage clock using 4 different images with the free image manipulation software GIMP. If you don’t have GIMP,  download it at It’s more than a fair alternative if you don’t have access to Photoshop.

You will need:

A  selection of images. All the images in this post is in the public domain or for personal, not commercial, use only.
GIMP image manipulation software or Photoshop.



1.Open a new document in GIMP 50cm X 50cm wide.

2. Open layers tool by clicking Windows > Dockable Dialogs > Layers if its not open yet.


3. Open your pictures folder and drag and drop your pictures in the Layers Dock.


4. Scale your pictures using the Scale tool. Click on each layer to select it. Click on the Eye icon in the Layers Dock if it’s difficult to select a layer. Doing this will hide the clicked layer.

5.Crop any unwanted parts of your images away using the crop tool.

6. You can reorder your pictures by dragging them in your Layers dock.

7. Erase the backgrounds of all your pictures except your background image layer. Do this by selecting the Fuzzy select tool, click on the part of the picture you want removed. Hold the Shift key down to select more than one part of your image. Select the Layer tab > Transparency > Color to Alpha >. This will bring the Color to Alpha Dialogue up, click ok.  Repeat until all the unwanted background is removed.


8. Reorder your layers to see the effect it will have on the final image. You can now merge your layers, right click in the layers panel > Merge Visible Layers,  or save as a PDF for printing.

9. The original Eiffel tower background image is post card sized so not suitable for large prints. Make sure your original images are high res for larger prints. I will be printing this image to use in my bedroom. My next post will be installing the clock hands mechanism……

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.



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