Pantry Dry Goods Sign


Pantry Sign Genral Store Dry Goods.png

Pantry Sign Genral Store Dry Goods Not Mirrored

Pantry Sign General Store Dry Goods

So I don’t have a pic of this sign hanging above the pantry because honestly I’m not done renovating the kitchen yet. As soon as my pantry/scullery and kitchen is picture perfect I will update this post but for now these pics will have to do 🙂

You will need:

Scrap piece of wood 73cm x 20cm
Pantry Sign PDF with mirrored text

White paint

Wax Paper –  The  paper I use is left overs from my main business where I use printed labels so I need to glue plain paper to the wax paper (shiny side is the side you will be printing onto) otherwise my printer can’t feed it through.

Plain A4 Paper
Fine Grit Sandpaper

1. Download PDF file. Link provided above.

2. Open your editor of choice and add your family name if you wish or use as is. Message me if you’re unable to and I will do it for you.

3. Print onto A4 wax paper. Remember to tile the image before printing and to use the best quality print possible. Remember to change the paper type to medium or heavy if you’re glueing the wax and plain paper together, test the printer setting to see which setting works best. Also remember to make sure all stickiness is covered otherwise it will get stuck in your printer and I’ve lost several printers because of this during other projects. 

4. Place printed side onto lightly sanded painted wood, centered.

5. Secure print with tape to limit movement. At this stage you can carefully remove the plain paper from the wax paper  if you wish as it will make the burnishing step easier.

6. Burnish with spoon, against and with grain.

7. Seal with clear varnish.

You can also attempt this project with your preferred transfer medium.  


Thank you for reading my post, 





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