How to hack your dust gathering Wii to play an extra 128 new levels of Newer Super Mario Brothers


If your Wii is just gathering dust and the kids have played all the games they possibly could then you can squeeze some extra mileage out of it. I’ve found some excellent guides on how to hack your Wii if you want to play the sort of games we grew up with on it or if you want to use your Wii as a DVD player. You can also save all your expensive discs on a hard drive and have them accessible all in ones place if your household is anything like mine and scratched and damaged discs is a daily occurrence. There’s a myriad of tuts out there with cryptic instructions and the assumption that you have all the technical know how. So I’ve gathered the most decent, understandable ones, IE, the ones I followed.

A. You will need the following to complete all the steps.

1.Wii version 4.3 (other versions are possible but you will need a different set of instructions. This How To is just for version 4.3. which uses the Letterbomb exploit. You have the option to update your Wii in your Wii Menu if you don’t have version 4.3.

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Neutral Boys Nursery on a Budget

Neutral Nursery with Color Accents


I had the exciting task of turning our playroom into a nursery/playroom on a budget. Luckily I could never give away any of my childrens baby things so the only things I had to purchase was a rocking chair and a toy chest. Not that I’m planning on No.4 but the blues in a neutral nursery like this can easily be swapped out for pink or teal for a girl.

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